Surfing Dirty: Malibu Magazine investigates the possible effects of Woolsey fire on Malibu’s marine life

After Woolsey burned through homes and cars, recent rains swept the fire remnants directly into the ocean. Malibu Magazine investigates the possible effects on Malibu’s marine life.

Tom Ford, the Executive Director of The Bay Foundation, explains that while they have not had the opportunity to monitor the open ocean potentially im­pacted by the aerial deposition of ash, they have – in assistance with the Na­tional Parks – witnessed deposits of sed­iment, ash, and particles of burnt wood lining the shores of Malibu Lagoon. “We’re going to see additional amounts of organic pollution, organic toxins, and metals in the smoke and ash because of the structural fires” Ford says. In terms of water quality, even low concentrations of metals can be very toxic…

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