ReThink Disposable

ReThink Disposable is a technical assistance program of Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund. The objective is to prevent excess waste before it starts. The program works with local governments, businesses, and consumers to minimize single-use food and beverage disposable packaging. In doing so, restaurants and other food business operators cut costs and improve the dining experience for patrons. This benefits the environment by conserving resources, preventing waste, and reducing ocean litter pollution. Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund partnered and trained The Bay Foundation (TBF) to bring ReThink Disposable to Los Angeles for program implementation in 2019 and 2021.

Why Is Reducing Single-Use Disposable Items Critical?

  • Every year an estimated 8 million tons of plastic are discharged into the world’s oceans
  • 10 metric tons of this plastic comes from the Los Angeles area—every day
  • 80% of ocean litter comes from land-based sources
  • 67% of litter in commercial streets is comprised of single-use disposable food and beverage packaging


In 2019, ReThink Disposable Certified Los Angeles businesses included: The Conservatory, Gus’ Tacos Mexican Grill, Palette Food and Juice, and Scoops Chinatown. In one year, these four ReThink Disposable Certified businesses together eliminated the use of 247,570 disposable items weighing 2,637 pounds. This resulted in a total savings of $8,017.92.

Watch the videos below to hear testimonials from Gus’ Tacos Mexican Grill and Palette Food and Juice.